Monthly Archives: February 2015

Uber Haus

What happens when you combine LEED, Passive House, and Living Buildings? An Uber Haus; one of the most innovative homes in the country. This home exemplifies the true quality, building science, and durability of an Evolutionary Home.  This home is designed to meet the worlds strictest energy efficiency and building science certification, Passive House.  It is…
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Factory Tour and Visit to RenewAire

Last week, the Eco Achievers team took a trip to visit our friends at RenewAire in Madison, WI, to learn about their work with air-to-air heat exchangers, or energy recovery ventilators (ERVs). Regional Sales Manager, Doug Kirchner, met us at the door of their LEED-Silver manufacturing building on Friday, and was very excited to show…
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Eco Achievers featured in Crain’s

One of Eco Achievers' clients is a builder pushing the envelope on LEED-certified, zero-energy homes in Chicago. The Panoptic Group, a sustainable real estate developer in Chicago, is building single- and multi-family homes throughout the City's west side neighborhoods, and is delivering on the promise of energy efficiency by having every building rated and certified…
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