Monthly Archives: April 2015

Green Certifications

Eco Achievers works with every energy / green certification available - from compliance with the 2012 IECC and HERS Ratings up through ENERGY STAR, LEED, Passive House, and even Living Building Challenge. We serve as consultants and perform third-party testing and verification for the programs listed. What's your shade of green?
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Zero Energy Design Assistance

On your journey to building Zero Energy buildings, trusted advice from experienced professionals is critical.  We can help, and have done so on dozens of net zero homes. Thorough analysis of siting, glazing, orientation, wall and ceiling assemblies, and mechanical systems are critical to achieving high-performance.  Subtle interplays can make, or break the quest for…
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Energy Check-Ups

Just like you go to a doctor to diagnose a problem with your body, people ask us to help diagnose and solve problems with their home's energy and comfort.  If you've had window and HVAC contractors to your home, and you're still having problems or don't want to invest tens of thousands of dollars, give…
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