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Dettson Chinook Compact 15,000 BTU Modulating Furnace

Dettson Chinook Compact 15,000 BTU Modulating Furnace

Eco Achievers is an authorized distributor for Dettson Industries high performance "Right-Sized" HVAC system, which includes:

  • Dettson Chinook Compact - 15,000 BTU Modulating Furnace / Heat Pump
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  • Dettson Chinook - 30,000 - 60,000 BTU Modulating Furnace / Heat pump
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  • Dettson SmartDuct distribution system

For more information and pricing on Dettson SmartDuct and their Chinook Compact 15,000 BTU furnace, contact Eco Achievers at 708-848-4980 or

Dettson Chinook gas furnace family offers the smallest footprint in the industry as well as other benefits which include:

  • A perfect fit to the multi-family segment: condos and apartments from 50 to 150 square meters (500 to 1500 square feet)
  • 10″ wide and 23″ high
  • The smallest unit for central gas heating
  • Longer operation cycles
  • Low air flow rate for thermal comfort and quieter operation
  • Can be combined to the cooling unit Alizé and thus offers the Right Sized system
  • CFM from 50 to 400, providing 15,000 BTU in heating mode and until 1 ton or 12,000 BTU in cooling.
  • Developed in collaboration with gas utilities in both Canada and the USA
  • The requirements of builders were integrated to meet the new building codes in order to offer an efficient and comfortable home to their customers as well as less call backs issues to the builder