Why You Need to Attend the 2015 Passive House Conference

The Passive House Institute US (PHIUS) conference is coming up in just a few weeks. And one of our favorite highlights this year? It’s in the Windy City.


That’s right, building enthusiasts. The 10th Annual PHIUS national conference is being held in Chicago, September 9-13th. Are you a builder? Architect? Work in the real estate/housing industry? How about just plain excited over high performance buildings?

If so, then this is your conference. Passive buildings are designed to be 60-80% more energy efficient than those built to code. The 2015 PHIUS conference takes that principle and threads it through all building capacities – single and multi-family residential, commercial and office space, skyscrapers, industrial, and more.

What is PHIUS? 

Passive House Principles

This diagram is held by Richard Pedranti Architect

“Passive House Institute US is an organization committed to making high-performance passive building principles the mainstream best building practice, and the mainstream market energy performance standard.”

Passive design holds building practices to a higher, performance-based standard. This strategy balances a variety of factors, allowing for maximum comfort, consistent temperatures, and long-term health benefits, in addition to achieving high energy performance. PHIUS+ homes tout insulated windows and doors, are extremely air tight, use mechanical fresh air strategies, and gain automatic ENERGY STARv3 + Zero Energy Ready Home status.

So Why Should I Attend?

Because this is the next evolution in building. Passive design is still growing in the U.S, but it’s been highlighting the international stage for years. As energy efficiency and eco-responsible features grow in demand, this is what the next generation of home buyers and commercial tenants will be seeking.

The 2015 conference theme is “Multifamily Passive Buildings: Affordable and Market Rate.” During the event, you’ll hear industry leaders speak on everything from best practice design to moisture mitigation, high performance HVAC, and the measures providing the greatest ROI for you and/or your clients. Here is a sampling of presentations lined up:

  • Why Passive Building: Beyond ‘Green Bling’ – Designing for the Future We Want
  • Monopath – The “Perfect Wall” Made Affordable
  • Large buildings + Cold climates + Passive House = Recipe for cost efficient low energy
  • Mechanicals: How actual measured performance of various systems lives up to modeling expectations
  • Local, national, and international Passive House case studies

In addition, Eco Achievers’ own Jason LaFleur will be presenting “Wisconsin’s First Multifamily Passive House” and "Getting Results with Mid-Construction Air Barrier Testing" on Friday, Sept 11th. We will also be exhibiting with colleagues from the Green Home Institute. Be sure to stop and say hello!

Eco Achievers is a third-party verifier for Passive House certification. From design through completion, we provide performance consulting, diagnostic testing, phase inspections, and other green building services to help navigate you through certification and onto exceeding your project goals.


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