Uber Haus

What happens when you combine LEED, Passive House, and Living Buildings? An Uber Haus; one of the most innovative homes in the country.

This home exemplifies the true quality, building science, and durability of an Evolutionary Home.  This home is designed to meet the worlds strictest energy efficiency and building science certification, Passive House.  It is also designed and specified to be one of the healthiest homes in the country. This home is seeking Living Building Challenge and LEEDv4 Platinum.  It would be the first in Illinois to achieve these certifications.

The Evolutionary Home Builders team has built many first of a kind green projects in Illinois, and leads the state as a single family custom builder in terms of amount of third party certified homes.  This home pushes the envelope even further and leaves no stone unturned in terms of green features. The project includes some of  the world's best consultants for indoor air quality, energy efficiency, and hot water.
You can view more information on this project at www.evolutionaryhomebuilders.com.

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