Charles Heppner Artist Studio (8628 S. Marquette Ave.)

Chicago Green Homes (Three Stars)

The Charles Heppner Artist Studio is a comfortable single-family living space that purifies water, cleans air, enriches land, and generates more energy than it uses. This project was designed and managed by Timothy Heppner, the homeowner’s brother and executive director of Ecotelligent Design, and has participated multiple times in the GreenBuilt Home Tour.

Notable features include sustainable and functional landscaping, effective solar management for net positive energy generation, high performance lighting and appliances, and—most of all— a unique HVAC system that regulates temperature and provide domestic water heating.

The property’s vegetated roof and garden not only increase aesthetic appeal, but also contribute to an integrated storm water management system that allows this home to mediate 100% of its storm water on site, all while supplying occupants with fresh homegrown produce!

Whether it’s a high efficiency residence for low utility costs and comfortable living or a better value property with advanced green features, Eco Achievers can help you achieve your dream home and ensure that your project gets its deserved certification. If you would like more information about this project or what we do, please feel free to contact us!