Greenline Home #2 (4541 S. Greenwood Ave.)

Greenline Homes give high regard to durability, energy and resource efficiency, and indoor air quality. All Greenline Homes are designed, at a minimum, to ENERGY STAR standards.

Greenline Home #2 in Kenwood is currently pursuing LEED for Homes certification. This structure, in its pre-drywall state, is showcased on the 2015 GreenBuilt Home Tour. 4541 S Greenwood is one of two homes to be built in the landmark district of Kenwood. As a row house built against neighboring houses, it faces unique insulation and air-sealing challenges. We are very excited to continue working with Greenline Homes, LLC to address them, and help develop beautiful, resillient homes in the neighborhood.

This project is currently under construction; more details will follow as construction progresses. In the meantime, please check out our other projects, or contact us for information on how we may help you achieve a higher performing and more durable home.