Lisle Eco House (932 Middleton Ave.)

LEED Gold Project

The purpose of the Lisle Eco House was to rehabilitate and rebuild a foreclosed structure, with the result of a healthy, environmentally responsible, and high-performing single-family home with low construction costs and priced in the range of affordable housing.

This project achieved a LEED-Gold certification with almost 300% improvement in energy efficiency, tight air sealing and insulation, 100% reclaimed lumber for structure framing, and non-toxic low-VOC materials with no added urea formaldehyde. Additionally, many of the products used in the construction and furnishing of this house were locally sourced.

Durability was a major focus with the Lisle Eco House project. Planning incorporated both flashing and maintenance-free exterior materials with lifetime warranties to ensure reliable and long-lasting performance.

At its completion, the Lisle Eco House was the first LEED for Homes project to be registered in Lisle. This project was also featured in the 2014 GreenBuilt Home Tour.

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