Madison Supportive Housing – PHIUS+

The Madison supportive housing project is under construction at 709 Rethke Avenue in Madison, WI. This project is pursuing Passive House (PHIUS+) Certification and LEED Platinum under the LEED Multifamily Midrise rating system.

The Madison supportive housing project features 60 studio, single-occupant units serving the formerly homeless or those at risk of homelessness. This unique property offers 5,000 Sq. Ft. of common area and office space for property management, four case workers, assembly space as well as a commercial kitchen for the residents and neighborhood. The Madison supportive housing project features a great deal of resources to tenants to help them get back on their feet like a computer room, library/quiet room and fitness room for residents.

The wall assembly features advanced framing details and an air-tight envelope. Specified window height and placement in walls allow for maximum natural day-lighting. Each unit features its own mini-split heating and cooling system offering individual comfort control. This project also offers HVAC controls such as range limiters, occupancy sensors, window switches, kWh tracking and remote building management.

Outside the building, residents can utilize a roof top garden for individual food production, forage garden, berry garden and food forest. It is strategically located along bus routes and near a grocery store.


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During construction BEFORE drywall was installed, Eco Achievers performed on-site verification and performance testing of the building. A critical element for Passive House certification is reaching a very tight enclosure of 0.05 CFM 50 per square foot of enclosure. This metric replaces the old 0.6 ACH 50 requirement and makes more sense because air leakage occurs at the surface, not the middle of a building's volume. The MSH project met this requirement at rough construction when Eco Achievers performed a whole-building air barrier test. We also pre-tested the ventilation ductwork to ensure an optimally sealed fresh air system for the occupants.

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A 105-kw solar photovoltaic array is being planned for the building rooftop as well as on a carport, which would bring this to a near-zero energy building.

Learn more green building certifications, Passive House and Zero Energy Capable homes on our website. Are you designing an affordable housing project? Implement a green building certification into your affordable housing schematic design early with Eco Achievers help!