+Plus House #1 (1627 S. Newberry Ave.)

LEED Gold Project

As a high-performance, healthy, and affordable home with LEED gold certification, the +Plus House is the new standard for green building. This +Plus House is located in East Pilsen’s Chicago emerging Art District where Pilsen’s culture meshes with the new energy of development. 1627 S Newberry is the first of nine +Plus Houses, the first home in Pilsen to be marketed as green, and the first Pilsen home to pursue LEED certification. As this neighborhood grows into the next Chicago destination, the +Plus House is there to add to Pilsen’s unique presence and help lead Pilsen to its future as a greener community.

This +Plus House was one of the featured homes on the 2017 GreenBuilt Home Tour. The tour of the +Plus House showed how indoor air quality affects health and the unique ways that the house has achieved an exceptionally high air quality standard, from the envelope and foam insulated foundation, to the air cleaning drywall, advanced ERV system, and paints and finishes carefully chosen according to their VOC-releasing properties. The +Plus House is also built with efficient resource use in mind. This home has a superior heating/cooling system, advanced Energy Star framing techniques with thermal bridging, building materials sourced locally and made of recycled material, and solar power potential. As a bonus, +Plus House is located in a neighborhood at a crossroads. There are dozens of units of development that are about to impact the market in Pilsen, and yet the neighborhood is set to remain affordable. This home broke the single-family home price record in Pilsen, but compared to similar LEED homes it remains remarkably affordable.

Whether it’s a high efficiency residence for low utility costs and comfortable living or a better value property with advanced green features, Eco Achievers can help you achieve your dream home and ensure that your project gets its deserved certification. If you would like more information about this project or what we do, please feel free to contact us!