Right-Sized Passive House (1026 Clinton Ave.)

Passive House   +   LEED Platinum Project

The intention of this project is to demonstrate that luxury can be achieved in a smaller space if the structure is built with attention to indoor-outdoor connections and quality. This “right-sized” compact home was built and based on the Passive House paradigm and through Eco Achievers third-party testing and verification services, is now LEED-Platinum certified.

Located in Oak Park, IL, this all-electric single family residence reduces energy consumption with high performing appliances and fixtures. For a healthy and comfortable living environment, this project also features a Zehnder Comfoair Continuous Ventilation System and GREENGUARD certified materials and finishes. The Oak Park Passive House ranks 66% better than UL labs accounts as a non-toxic home.

Besides green testing and certification, Eco Achievers also offers consultation services on mechanical systems, envelope design, meeting energy code, and more! If you would like further information about our collaboration with Evolutionary Home Builders on this residence, or about how we may assist your endeavors, please contact us. We like to be involved in the process as early as possible to ensure the most efficient and highest performance level buildings!

The Right-sized Oak Park Home is featured in the 2015 GreenBuilt Home Tours, along with several other notable projects from Eco Achievers. For a complete list of homes on the tour, please visit the GreenBuilt Home Tour website.

Photographs courtesy of Eric Hausman Photography