The Tesla Home (1224 Washington Ave.)

A GreenStar Project (Pending)

The Tesla Home was designed and oriented to optimize solar energy management for home use. The sun capture enables both natural lighting and home charging for Tesla vehicles. With a reflective aluminum roof to reduce heat load and ENERGY STAR efficient lighting and appliances, this single-family residence achieves lower utility bills. The property is also equipped with a micro-split heating and cooling system in addition to a Central Energy Recovery Ventilator (CERV) and a tankless water heater.

To improve the indoor environment and promote healthy air quality, only low-VOC paints and finishes were used, and the drywall even mediates VOC in the air.

The Tesla Home is featured on the GreenBuilt Home Tour 2015, along with several other projects from Eco Achievers, and is pursuing Illinois GreenStar certification. If you would like more information on the GreenBuilt Home Tour, the Tesla Home, or about how we may help you achieve your dream home, please contact us!

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