Über Haus (529 Eklund Ave.)

Multiple Certification Project (Pending)

Über Haus is a home built with the highest consideration to the best building science practices, indoor air quality, energy efficiency,and durability without compromising design and aesthetic appeal. To achieve harmony with the surroundings and create a home that will last centuries, project design was driven by local materials and inspired by historic stone buildings in downtown Geneva. This residence will serve as both a model home and living lab.

This home exemplifies innovation in green building techniques. Über Haus is designed to meet the following standards and certifications:

If successful, this project will be the first in Illinois to achieve these certifications. Its HERS rating puts its energy consumption at net positive, which means that Über Haus is 115% more energy efficient than a code-built home! Check out our previous blog post featuring this project.

For more information about Über Haus or another of our projects, please don't hesitate to contact us! Join us at the frontline of sustainable innovation.