Portfolio Tag: GreenStar

LaFleur Residence (624 S. Humphrey Ave.)

GreenStar Gold Remodel Project (Pending) The LaFleur Residence, originally built in 1912, has been remodeled over a period of 10 years to increase energy efficiency while maintaining the character and charm of a vintage structure. In order to achieve an environmentally responsible method of remodeling, framing materials and doors were reused throughout the renovation; no exotic woods were used…
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The Tesla Home (1224 Washington Ave.)

A GreenStar Project (Pending) The Tesla Home was designed and oriented to optimize solar energy management for home use. The sun capture enables both natural lighting and home charging for Tesla vehicles. With a reflective aluminum roof to reduce heat load and ENERGY STAR efficient lighting and appliances, this single-family residence achieves lower utility bills. The property is also equipped with a…
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