HERS Rating with Energy Guarantee

A HERS Rating is increasingly valuable to Chicago area homeowners, like a Miles Per Gallon equivalent rating for your home's energy performance. When you stand behind the energy efficiency of the homes you build, we’re standing behind you. Eco Achievers guarantees the dollar costs on our HERS ratings, validating your standing as a builder who is committed to high-efficiency homes that are as good for the planet as they are for the homeowner.

How our Guaranteed HERS Rating Works

We've partnered with BBWG's Residential Energy Guarantee so your buyers will save money on utility bills with your energy-efficient home. Guaranteed. The patent-pending warranty covers the additional cost of natural gas and electric utilities that exceed the guaranteed energy usage of the homes shown on the HERS certificate.

Do more with your HERS score.

When we spoke to homeowners who purchased new homes between 2008 and 2012:

• Over 90% were interested in the idea of an energy guarantee.
• Over 90% would recommend a builder who provided an energy guarantee.
• 75% believed an energy guarantee would increase confidence in energy savings
promoted by the builder.
• Over 70% said an energy guarantee would increase their interest in purchasing a home.
• 90% indicated an energy guarantee would motivate them to seek more information from
the builder by calling or going online.
• Over 70% of purchasers wished they had an energy guarantee.
• 85% were concerned about energy costs and their expected monthly energy bill.

Research compiled and reported by Bonded Builders Warranty Group.

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