IL Energy Code and Benchmarking Compliance


IL Energy Code Compliance 

As of January 1st, 2013, Illinois adopted a statewide law that all new homes must comply with the IL Energy Code, based on the 2012 International Energy Conservation Code (IECC). Increasingly, jurisdictions are enforcing compliance. With IECC-certified staff, Eco Achievers can perform:

  • Plan reviews for energy code compliance
  • Air barrier and insulation installation inspection (IECC section R402.4.1.1)
  • Blower door infiltration testing (IECC section R402.4.1.2)
  • Duct leakage testing (IECC section R403.2.2)

As an enhanced service, Eco Achievers also performs energy modeling for buildings seeking the Simulated Performance path option (section R405) of the IECC which allows more flexibility in the proposed envelope efficiency.  We will help identify tradeoffs that economically get your building to pass the Illinois Energy Code.

Under the 2015 IECC energy code going into effect next year, Eco Achievers is also prepared to help your projects meet the new Section R406 compliance pathway which allows using a HERS score to meet code compliance.

IL Energy Code testing begins at $350. Contact us for details.


Chicago Energy Benchmarking Ordinance

Looking for help to meet Chicago's Benchmarking Ordinance? Recently, the ordinance's second phase went into effect, requiring compliance from all commercial buildings greater than 50,000 square feet and now residential buildings larger than 250,000 square feet, including condominium, co-ops, and apartment buildings. The benchmarking ordinance requires building owners to track, verify and report to the city their electricity and natural gas consumption. The reports, which are due June 1 each year, document the previous year's energy use.

In 2015, the report deadline has been extended to August 1.  The penalty for noncompliance is $100 plus $25 per day, with a maximum penalty of $9,200 annually.

PremierBenchmarking reports are created and submitted using Energy Star Portfolio Manager, a free online tool from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. Owners may open an account and record basic property details such as age, number of units and square footage. Then they add electricity and natural gas use information from their utility bills or from data aggregation services for ComEd and People's Gas.

Benefits of benchmarking:

  • Reduce operating expenses increasing net operating income (NOI)
  • Compare your building's performance to other similar buildings
  • Identify low-hanging fruit that can avoid energy waste
  • Attract condo buyers with a higher building score

Eco Achievers is a service provider that can help your building meet Chicago Benchmarking ordinance requirements. We have professionals with the city-approved license / energy credentials to perform:

  • Third-party data verification for accuracy, including site visits and assessment
  • Streamlined project coordination
  • Administrative support and coordination with utility providers
  • Creating and managing reports using Energy Star Portfolio Manager
  • Submitting completed reports for compliance

Learn more about the Chicago Benchmarking Ordinance hereContact us today to see how we can assist your building with third-party data verification to get your building the Chicago energy benchmarking ordinance.

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