Right-Sized HVAC

Oversized HVAC systems and poor air distribution are inefficient and lead to comfort and moisture problems. Systems designed by old "rules of thumb," such as a certain number of cooling tons per square foot are also more expensive up front, don't last as long due to short cycling, and require higher maintenance costs.  Let Eco Achievers help you avoid costly mistakes on your project.

Our specialty is designing HVAC systems that truly deliver comfort in the most efficient way possible. Often our solutions involve hydronic or radiant heating and cooling, conditioning ventilation, and ductless mini-splits, in addition to more conventional forced air heating and cooling systems. We love the challenge of optimizing mechanical systems in concert with high-performance envelopes to help achieve net zero building.

Manual J and Manual D calculations

We help architects and engineers design and select the right-sized HVAC system for a building using leading HVAC industry software, such as Wrightsoft and Trane Trace 700. View a sample report of what we deliver for a nearly net-zero gut rehabbed home in Chicago, IL.

Our single-family home pricing for HVAC load calcs is based on conditioned square footage:

Home SizeDesign Fee
< 2500 s.f. $725 
2500-4500 $825 
4500-5500 $925 
> 5500 s.f. $1,150

Our right-sized HVAC design services are more than just a load calculation - we give you the real practical insight from dozens of net-zero energy projects to help you deliver the performance that really matters.

If you have a unique project you'd like assistance with please contact us. Our Right-Sized Mechanical System Design has been used for projects throughout the US and even a few projects in Mexico.

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