Building Diagnostics Manager

Graham has spent the last 7 years building a practical knowledge base in sustainable design and has extensive experience with existing home diagnostics. He has a certificate in ecological and sustainable design from Archeworks and has a a wide range of professional experience ranging from accessible gardening to solar photovoltaic systems, including strategy development for a Triple Net Zero building renovation.

Previously, Graham helped create and maintain individual and community leadership networks at Networlding, Inc. His work includes creating online learning systems as well as helping dozens of clients create an effective online presence.

While at Depaul University, where Graham graduated with a BA in Business Management, he taught improvisational comedy to high school students. He also spent a few years in Japan teaching English and coaching Judo. His continued interest in education and coaching have helped immensely in training BPI candidates for their certification.

His certifications include BPI Building Analyst and Envelope Professional, and IHWAP installer.