President, Director of Rating Services

Lindsey Elton oversees client services, helping project teams develop, design, and construct better-performing buildings. Additionally, she helps project teams throughout the Midwest build third-party verified green homes that meet everything from LEED to Passive House standards.

Lindsey is certified in advanced building science and building diagnostic testing. She started her career with the Chicago Green Homes Program, then moved to the HEET Weatherization Program, which provided workforce training and weatherization improvements to lower-income homes throughout Chicago. Lindsey currently oversees Eco Achievers’ field testing and inspections, providing hands on problem solving and building analysis. She also works with commercial clients on wall assembly commissioning and infiltration performance testing. A native of the Detroit area, Lindsey has many ties there and is working on developing business for Eco Achievers in that market.

Lindsey volunteers as Vice President of the Passive House Alliance of Chicago and frequently speaks on topics related to LEED, Passive House, and building science. She is a credentialed RESNET and BPI Rater; LEED for Homes Green Rater; ENERGY STAR Rater; and PHIUS+ Rater, Verifier, and CPHC.

RESNET Rater, BPI Building Analyst and Envelope Professional, ENERGY STAR Rater, LEED for Homes Green Rater, PHIUS+ Rater/Verifier, and Certified Passive House Consultant.

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